At Kriti Kreations Interior Design & Decor, we understand that budgeting for an interior design project can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer our clients expert guidance in planning and preparing an accurate budget for their home interior design. Our team works closely with clients to determine their design goals and needs, taking into account their budget constraints. We offer a range of affordable interior design packages that cater to different budgets and preferences. We also provide detailed cost breakdowns and timelines for each project, so clients know exactly what to expect. Our team can help source high-quality materials and furnishings within our clients’ budgets, as well as recommend cost-saving strategies where appropriate. We take pride in providing transparent, client-centered service that helps our clients achieve their dream home without breaking the bank.


We’re excited to unveil our best interior design packages. Our team of experienced designers has curated these packages to help you transform your home into a stunning masterpiece.

Our Best Interior Design Packages For 2023

Modular Kitchen Design

Rs. 3,50,000

Rs. 1,59,000

1 BHK Interior Design

Rs. 4,50,000

Rs. 3,59,000

2 BHK Interior Design

Rs. 5,50,000

Rs. 4,90,000

3 BHK Interior Design

Rs. 6,50,000

Rs. 5,90,000

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Modular Kitchen Design Package

Our modular kitchen design package provides a complete kitchen solution. We recognise the value of a well-thought-out kitchen design, and our package is made to suit your individual requirements. Our team of skilled professionals will collaborate with you to comprehend your needs, space restrictions, and financial limitations in order to develop a modular kitchen design that fits your preferences and way of life.


Modular Kitchen Design Package at Bhubaneswar

1 BHK Interior Design Package

Our 1 BHK Interior Design Package is ideal for small 1 Bedroom Flats. Living in a small place might be difficult, but with our knowledge and imagination, we can maximise the potential of your 1 BHK flat. Our package comes with a thorough design plan that takes into account your tastes, lifestyle, and financial limitations. Our team of skilled experts will collaborate with you to make the most of the space that is available and develop a design that is both aesthetically beautiful and extremely functional.


1 BHK Interior Design Package at Bhubaneswar

2 BHK Interior Design Package

With the help of our 2 BHK interior design package, you can build a chic and useful living area that fits your demands and budget. Our team of professionals works with you to create a unique design that matches your preferences and style since we recognise that every family has different needs.


2 BHK Interior Design Package at Bhubaneswar

3 BHK Interior Design Package

Our aim is to design a comfortable and practical living area that makes the most of the available space. To make sure that your ideal house becomes a reality, our team of skilled specialists partners with you at every stage of the process.


3 BHK Interior Design Package at Bhubaneswar

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Rates “per square feet” basis. Wardrobe, Loft, Bed, Kitchen Cabinets, TV Unit, Crockery Unit, Puja Unit, Labor Charge and Material Charge.

Successfully Completed Interior Design Projects in Bhubaneswar

3 BHK Home Interior Design, Bhubaneswar

Mr Sourrav Rath

Duplex Interior Design, Bhubaneswar

Mr BC Mohanty

2 BHK Home Interior Design, Cuttack

Mr Bijay Kumar Sahoo

3 BHK Interior Design, Cuttack

Dr Janmanjay

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I meet interior designers at Kriti Kreations Interior Design & Decor studio?

Kriti Kreations Interior Design & Decor studio is located at A-7, Sector A, Mancheswar IE Road, Bhubaneswar, 751010. You can visit our studio with an appointment and our team of interior designers would help you to guide and take the right decision for your home interior design requirements. For appointments, please Call or WhatsApp on 7978603683 or 0674-2588850.

Can I have a meeting at my home to discuss my interior design requirements?

We can visit your home to discuss your interior design requirements. We can also visit the site to discuss the requirements and take measurements. The site visit and consultation with Bhubaneswar is absolutely free of cost. For appointments, please Call or WhatsApp on 7978603683 or 0674-2588850.

What are the processes involved in interior designing.

Interior designing is a long process and every step matters for a successful project delivery. It starts with site visit, measurements, requirement analysis. The next step is space planning and furniture placement. The next step involves material selection and estimation. Then starts the 3D design process which will then lead to actual execution. Our expert interior designers will guide you through out the whole process.

How can I select materials for design?

Material selection is an important phase of interior design projects. This not only defines the final out put of the work but also decides the overall budget of the work. Our designers will help and guide you to decide the right materials for you home interior design.

What will be the timelines for my project completion?

The time line of a project depends on several aspects like volume of the work, site readiness, easy of work, accessibility etc. We can schedule a time-line prior the start of the work and proceed as per the plan of action. But tentatively we take around 2-3 months to deliver any project.

What is the cost of interior design in Bhubaneswar?

Its difficult to set a price tag to interior design projects until we know the scope of the work. With years of experience and industry knowledge we have curated a few packages for you to choose. Please check our interior design packages for Bhubaneswar and nearby cities.

What are the latest trends of Interior design in Bhubaneswar?

The latest trend of interior design in Bhubaneswar is contemporary theme. Straight lines and Geometric patterns are the current trend among the people. Simple and Shuttle color theme that are soothing to eye are the instance choices. Minimalism is the latest approach to design homes in Bhubaneswar. Read more about home interior design process & planning.

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Hey , I am so thankful to Kriti Kreations Interior Team , They turned my Home into a Heaven. The Entire Team is really superb . They provide very budget friendly service. My master bedroom, kids room , Living room , kitchen , balcony decor all are done by the Kriti Kreations Team.It's an Overwhelming selection of interior design ,I am fully satisfied with the kk Team work and services. They delivered my project on time too with an amazing touch.I am sharing some pics of my living room , which I stored in my mobile . Once again Thank you Kriti Kreations for your beautiful Creative work .

Misti Pukul, Bhubaneswar Odisha

Kriti Kreations is a very professional service provider. They give ample time to listen and understand your requirement and comes up with very unique and creative ideas. They are very much approachable so the entire process went very smooth and end product is even better than my expectation. I would recommend Kriti Kreations for all your interior needs.

Sumeet Das, Bhubaneswar Odisha

Loved my very first experience. Had no idea how to arrange the room or where to even find décor for it. The toughest part was deciding what I liked best. They really make it very easy to decorate a room and worked very well with my budget. Highly recommend.

Sasanka Sekhar Panda, Cuttack Odisha



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