Our 1 BHK Interior Design Package is ideal for small 1 Bedroom Flats. Living in a small place might be difficult, but with our knowledge and imagination, we can maximise the potential of your 1 BHK flat. Our package comes with a thorough design plan that takes into account your tastes, lifestyle, and financial limitations. Our team of skilled experts will collaborate with you to make the most of the space that is available and develop a design that is both aesthetically beautiful and extremely functional.


Furniture selection, lighting design, colour scheme, storage solutions, and decor selection are all included in our 1 BHK interior design package. To ensure endurance and durability while also taking into consideration your financial limitations, we exclusively utilise materials of the finest calibre.


You may have a house that is functional and pleasant while also reflecting your individuality and sense of style with our 1 BHK Interior Design Package. Our staff is committed to giving you the greatest service and making the procedure as easy and stress-free as we can.

1 BHK Interior Design Package Starts at Rs. 3,90,000

Living Room


Master Bedroom



Materials Used : ISI 710 BWP Plywood from Century (SAINIK), 0.75mm Inner Laminate with Premium 1mm Outer Laminate.

Hardware : All hardware from Hettiich or Ebco. Kitchen Tandem or Basket & Fittings from Ebco, Dorset.

Warranty : 10 Years

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