Thanks to modern modular kitchens, the kitchen is no longer a congested and disorganised space. Kitchen interiors have evolved to accommodate all of the items in the kitchen, making organisation easier and more straightforward. It’s all about having a well-organized space in a modular kitchen. But it’s not just how these kitchens are constructed on the outside that makes them organised; it’s also what’s within the cabinets. Choosing the appropriate baskets is essential if you want a clutter-free, clean, and organised kitchen.


Another benefit is that they maximise space utilisation and are thus suitable for all types of kitchens, whether small or large. So, what distinguishes modular kitchens from the competition? Of course, the various types of kitchen baskets!


Kitchen Baskets come in 3 varieties


Stainless steel kitchen baskets

Baskets made of stainless steel are a common component of modular kitchen accessories. They are long-lasting, friendly to the environment, practical, and simple to clean. There are many variations of steel kitchen baskets available, such as wired, sheet, and perforated baskets.


Due to the space that exists between the grills, even if these baskets provide adequate ventilation, there is a good probability that objects will be lost through the gaps. In addition, they do not offer the provision of floor mats for use indoors.


The fact that they do not come equipped with a soft closure is a drawback; nevertheless, you are free to add one at a later time if you so desire. In addition to that, they could be a little unsteady or noisy. Stainless steel baskets have a no-rust life expectancy of 10 years and can support up to 40 kilogrammes of weight without rusting. A prominent maker of modular kitchens, Makwana carries an extensive selection of one-of-a-kind steel baskets that are suitable for use in any kitchen.


Tandem kitchen baskets


Tandem baskets, one of the greatest modular kitchen accessories, available in a variety of sizes and are ideal for storing everything from cutlery to groceries. They look like drawers but are actually containers that allow for the most efficient use of space and the greatest organisation of all goods. Despite its basic form, they look fantastic and are extremely functional, making them ideal for any kitchen, large or little.


Tandem drawers with multiple tiers, one for stacking plates, glasses, or bowls and the other for organising cutlery items, are also an option. Tandem baskets, which come in three colours: white, grey, and stainless steel, allow for maximum storage.


Tandem baskets are strong and stable. The quiet and easy soft-close mechanism makes opening and closing a breeze. Because the channels are hidden, the baskets have a lower probability of being rusted. Tandem drawers are less likely to grow dusty because they don’t allow much ventilation.


Another advantage is their ability to support things weighing 35 to 60 kg, allowing you to store large utensils. Tandem kitchen baskets have a ten-year warranty on their hinges and channels, allowing them to endure longer. Blum is a notable name for Tandem modular kitchens among Tandem many facturers, as they offer some fantastic designs and excellent quality.


Legra kitchen basket


Legra kitchen baskets are not only stylish and elegant, but they are also extremely utilitarian. They are slender (12.8 mm) and straight on both the inside and outside. The carrying capacity of Legra baskets is one of their best qualities.

Legra baskets have many of the same characteristics as Tandem, such as less ventilation, a lower risk of becoming dusty, and the ability to be non-wobbly and noiseless. Legra baskets are a must-have for any kitchen since they are functional, stylish, convenient, and large. They can readily store things weighing up to 70 kilogrammes. You’ll also appreciate the soft-close mechanism, which allows for a smooth running movement, making them ideal kitchen storage baskets. Because of the hidden passageways, Legra boxes do not corrode and require no maintenance. Blum’s Legra baskets are well-liked for their high-quality materials and beautiful design.



Here is a list of must have kitchen baskets for your modular kitchen


Cutlery Tray

These trays are divided into sections that may carry a variety of cutlery, ranging from tablespoons to forks, serving spoons to dessert knives. Install this tray directly below where you’d put your cooking hob for convenient access. These are mostly composed of stainless steel to ensure that any moisture from the cutlery does not contaminate your cabinets.


Plates, Cups, and Saucers Basket

Plates, cups, and saucers baskets are also known as partition baskets since they come with many parts in which you are able to store your dinner set and cup and saucer set respectively. These baskets include a combination of a partition that can accommodate plates and a standard partition.


Pull-out Baskets

Also known as bottle pull-out trays, are narrow baskets that are constructed to securely hold a variety of bottles, such as ketchup, oil, and pickles, amongst others. The construction prevents the bottles from rattling against one another and breaking. Additionally, this guarantees that only the necessary space is allocated for bottle storage.


Pan Baskets

They are simple baskets made of stainless steel, but they can be significantly wider and taller than other types of baskets. Because of this, you will be able to store pans of varying sizes and even stack them. It would be helpful to have at least two of these baskets in your kitchen, although the exact number would depend on the available space.


Grain Basket

This is one of the more durable types of baskets, and it plays a significant role in Indian homes. This basket provides a convenient spot for you to store your flour jar, which is often large and weighty. This basket is constructed in such a way that it is able to support the weight of the container, which in the typical Indian household is capable of holding ten kilogrammes of flour.


Garbage Basket

The space just underneath the sink is often reserved for the placement of the garbage basket. Because this space is unsuitable for any other kinds of storage, it has been given over to the installation of trash cans. In most cases, these baskets are mounted on the door of the cabinet so that when the door is opened, the waste may be disposed of without the user having to go on their knees or stoop. These can be purchased at a height of six inches and a diameter of ten inches.


Corner swing-out

Since corners take up a significant amount of room in a kitchen, it is imperative that this space be put to good use. The corner swing-out baskets make it possible for you to store your largest cooking utensils, which you may only utilise once in a great while, underneath here. These can be purchased with diameters ranging from 19 to 27 inches and a height of 17 inches.


You’ll be able to make the most efficient use of the available space, and you’ll be able to incorporate your kitchen equipment into the design as well. As a consequence, you’ll have a well-designed, seamless kitchen that makes cooking more fun and convenient. Of course, you can have your dream kitchen in vibrant red, relaxing green, or a combination of your favourite colours!


Connect with one of our skilled interior designers to design the kitchen of your dreams within your budget and available space. We’ll assist you in selecting kitchen baskets and other items that are both stylish and functional. As a consequence, you’ll have the most practical, aesthetically beautiful, and useful kitchen possible.


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