Wardrobes are the most essential piece of furniture in every house hold. They are personal to the individual who uses it. Their function in bedrooms has always been strictly utilitarian. Historically, closets and almirahs were used to store clothing. Later, wall-mounted closets became popular. They were practical, convenient, and provided greater storage space. Wooden wardrobes have been replaced by more sophisticated materials. There is no longer a single design for every bedroom.


Wardrobe design has gotten sleeker, more contemporary, and more diverse in design and construction materials. Their appearance and finish is an integral part of bedroom design and decor, and their designs change annually.


The Need

As a result of varying preferences and a growing desire to acquire apparel and accessories, homeowners have more items to keep and organise in their closets. There are formal, semiformal, and casual types of attire. According on the event, there is also Indian and Western attire. Accessories, footwear, scarves, and belts are essential. With so much to organise, we require room, and therefore intelligently constructed closets are the solution.



Space Management

Wardrobes must contain a few key compartments and the rest must fit the wardrobe’s style. One of them is a well-balanced mix of room for hanging shirts, coats, skirts, dresses, and sarees. Also necessary is a stacking area for tees, bulky items such as winter gear, or rolled-up blankets. Depending on their collection, they might choose from mid to long hanging places, as well as little shelves to stack casuals. Drawers are an important feature of the wardrobe because they provide quick access to back corners and are more convenient to use than shelves at the lower level. Different drawer depths are appropriate for certain components. Little drawers for inners/delicates and small trays for accessories/watches. If you prefer a neat pile of clothes, you’ll need larger drawers, as well as one at the bottom level for unusual storage boxes and formal / party shoes to complete the look of your closet.


Ease of Access

When you have less time on your hands, having a well-organized wardrobe can work wonders for you as you rush to get ready for work in the morning or get ready for a formal evening event. Having a wardrobe that is better organised means you will spend less time searching for the items of clothing you wear the most frequently.




The designs that are currently in vogue are unquestionably those that are contemporary. They are a welcome addition to any home’s decor and may be found in the majority of dwellings. You are free to get creative in order to make your outfit a sophisticated statement piece, whether you go for all glass, frames that are sleek or rimless, or a combination of the two. The design aesthetics of a homeowner are reflected in their wardrobes, in addition to the fact that they serve a practical purpose. We also find a preference for classical and early modernist designs, with trims and wood finishes that are ideally suited for individuals who enjoy these forms of design.


His & Her Wardrobes

There are separate wardrobes for men and women, with ideally different compositions. More hangers work well in men’s wardrobes because they have more shirts, trousers, and coats. A couple of racks and drawers for belts and tees are generally sufficient.


For folded sarees, skirts, shirts, and short and long outfits, ladies prefer to use short, medium, and long hanging space. Scarves, stoles, and accessories should be hung on hooks or placed on tiny shelves. Smaller objects can be stored in more drawers.




Modern wardrobe design will be defined by a clean, minimalist aesthetic for a clutter-free and more organised environment. Wardrobes are starting to take on the status of other rooms in the house. They’re being treated as if they’re individual locations, and they’re getting the care they need. A well-dressed wardrobe allows you to start your day in style.


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