When it comes to designing a child’s room, it’s best to involve him or her in the process and design according to their preferences and personalities. Kids treasure the memories they make in their bedrooms as they grow up. A child’s bedroom is the hub of their growing-up experience, whether it’s falling asleep to a lullaby or a bedtime tale, battling over toys with siblings, playing with dolls, or scribbling on the wall with coloured pens. That is why it should be adorned to reflect their distinct personalities.


A child’s bedroom should ideally have a sleeping area, a study area, and a play area. But, as a parent, how do you know which style is best for your child? When you have more than one child and limited space, it can be difficult to guarantee that their room is to their taste, shows their personality, and is also comfortable. As a result, many parents are unsure where to begin the procedure. Here are some design ideas for children’s bedrooms that you can use.


Discuss and Decide the DO’s and DON’T’s

Play Around With Colors

Colorful and bright bedroom designs for cool girls or cool boys are essential. Play around with bright colours such as pink, green, lime yellow, turquoise, and so on. The use of paint to create vivid patterns also helps to avoid the monotony that single colours can bring. The headboard in this image is maintained pink to match the rest of the room, but the feature wall adds depth, dimension, and drama with its unique design. The clever use of mirrors on the wardrobe also reflects and extends the feature wall, making the space appear larger than it is.


Choose a theme that speaks about their dreams

Whether it’s vehicles, Disney princesses, animals, or cartoon characters, every child has a favourite. So, to provide some variety, utilise unique silhouettes based on a topic. Cool kids’ bedroom theme ideas are a fantastic approach to make your children happy. The same idea has been carried through from the wallpaper to the bed shape and even the wardrobe knobs. The child in the second image is an animal lover as well as a Minion devotee. The giraffe-themed wallpaper, picture frames, and Minion-printed cushion coverings all reflect this.


Add some wallpapers that bring all the difference

Any room can undergo a dramatic transformation simply by covering one or two walls with eye-catching wallpaper that is unique and fascinating. Nevertheless, make sure the wallpaper is resistant to both water and scratches. One of the stunningly original bedroom concepts that we offer here is a heightening effect achieved by covering two walls with wallpaper as seen in this picture.


Make reading nooks in the bedroom

Create a cosy nook in the room with pillows, fluffy blankets, and a cosy hideaway where kids (and adults) can play, read, or snooze. Teepee tents have become popular design components in children’s rooms, providing the perfect balance of beauty and utility for us adults while also providing a setting that the children enjoy. Creating a welcoming hideaway with spare fabric, such as a retiring curtain, works just as well.


Add some personal touches

Personalize the bedroom walls with items that reveal a little more about the individuals that reside there. Use a watercolour letter print with the child’s initials to add a more personal, and especially adorable, touch. Combine the print with a poster of your child’s zodiac sign, which is made from hand-painted watercolour originals and looks great with letter wall art.


Customize your kids’ bedroom with these one-of-a-kind ideas to show off your creative prowess. Contact our designers if you want a futuristic-looking bedroom for your youngster as well. They’ll assist you in designing a space that not only reflects your child’s personality and interests, but also encourages them to learn and grow. It’s also important to remember that children’s interests change rapidly, as do their bodies. The design must be unique.


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